Our personalized books are the perfect gift for children because they become the stars of the story.  Your local book dealer will make a book for you!

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Encouraging a Love of Reading Through Personalized Children’s Books

When it comes to encouraging children to develop a lifelong love of reading, there’s no better place to start than with personalized books. These special books feature the child’s name in print and allow them to become the star of their own story. This unique experience provides a thrill for young readers and gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Studies have shown that good reading practices develop at an early age, and by introducing books to young readers as soon as possible, you’re helping to lay the foundation for future success. Personalized children’s books are a great way to capture a child’s attention and get them excited about reading. They provide a fun and engaging way for children to practice their vocabulary and comprehension skills, helping to build their confidence as readers.

One of the great things about personalized books is that they’re designed to be child-centered, with stories and illustrations that capture the imagination and encourage education through reading. Children love to see their own name in print and be part of a story, and this type of personalized experience is an excellent way to get them excited about reading.

Create-A-Book® was founded in 1980 in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania by John Hefty and his family. Create-A-Book® was the “first” made-while-you-wait book publisher. Create-A-Book®  continues to be a family owned business after 43 years.

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Great Books to Entice Your Child to Read
Our motto is Reading is Fun When the Story Is About You.  Our publishing company is dedicated to providing our network of distributors the ability to print and bind personalized books for children.  All our books have hard covers and colorful illustrations throughout.  To buy one of these fine books, locate a dealer of your choice a the top of this page where is says “Find a Dealer”.  Any one of them would be happy to make a personalized Create-A-Book book for your child.
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Children Books

For children of all ages!!!
  • Fantastic illustrations
  • Great stories
  • Personalized
  • Unique books
  • Multiple languages

Create-A-Book personalized Children books provide an ample selection of titles and stories that will bring the excitement of reading to any child.   You can browse all of our books on this website and read the stories.  We are sure that you will find the perfect book for any child.  Then select your online dealer here to make your purchase.

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Books for classrooms, K-2 grade.

These books are focused on aspects related to your child development.
  • My School Fun Book
  • Fire Safety Book
  • Homer Baseball Story

This line of books integrate your child in the story where special day activities or adventures occur.   Your child will be captivated when they read their name the story.

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Read through out books here on this website, and get back to your dealer to have a book made for your child.

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— questions & answers —

Common Questions
Are the books available in other languages?
Yes. We have 8 languages to choose from. Not all the books are in all the languages.
Do all the books come with hard covers?
All the books come with hard covers.
Are all the books personalized?
Yes. All our books are personalized. We will make the book for the person you request.
How do I order a book?
Get back to the dealer or website who sent you here and order a book from them.

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